Angela Anaconda
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August 18


Tapwater Springs


Nanette Manoir, Mrs Brinks, January and Karlene


Johnny Abatti, Gina Lash, Gordy Rhinehart, Josephine Praline, Jimmy Jamal


Mark and Derek Anaconda, Baby Lulu, King, Geneva and Bill Anaconda, Grandma Lou

Voice Actor

Sue Rose

Angela Anaconda is a very confident American middle class girl, with freckles all over her face, and short auburn hair. She has a rivalry with her faux French classmate Nanette Manoir (whose first name she [Angela] pronounces as 'Ninatte')who once referred to Angela as Angela Ana-Garbage, often calling her "Nanette Manure" and "Ninny-Poo" among other insults. As a result, Nanette tries, usually successfully, to get Angela ioften imagines situations where calamities befall Nanette (and at least once Gordy, who is actually her [Angela's] friend) while she gets the upper hand. Aside from Nanette, Angela also dislikes Mrs. Brinks, apunishes Angela for things she never did such as clapping erasers. She is also known to frequently use the phrase "on account of." In the episode "Ancient Greeks" she is given a number of parts ranging from Medusa to Prometheus to Atlas for a school play due to Nanette's displeasure in Angel, casting Angela as Atlas which ironically resulted in the papier-mache globe rolling across the stage. In the episode "Angela Who" she becomes the first Anaconda to squeeze both her legs behind her head, and due to jibes from Mark and Derek, begins to doubt that she is an Anaconda and goes on a crusade t

Once, during a lie, she imagined herself as a global succeswas such a hit that people would say things like 'I didn't do it! Honest Angela!'.

Angela is depicted as the leader and tactical planner of her group.

She is bad at pogo stick bouncing, as revealed in the episode Pogo-A-Go-Go.


Angela Anaconda wears an orange dress and has chestnut hair. She speaks in a high pitched hillbilly accent.


  • She is the leader of a gang formed by her circle of friends.
  • Despite being his friend, she has called Gordy Rhinehart names such as nerd, fish-lips and weakling. This is no longer strange in modern society, and as such is completely irrelevant.
  • She is tomboyish enough to have wanted to see "Monster Truck Rally" in the episode Pet Peeves and there was a schooltrip vote between it and "Ballet Russe" (the one Nanette Manoir suggested), which was a tie. A very overelaborated point, she's just a tomboy.
  • Angela Anaconda is like Perdita from 101 Dalmatians.

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