This page is full of policies and guidelines by which users of this wiki are expected to follow.

Since this is a Fandom hosted wiki. The wiki and users are expected to follow the Community Guidelines and also takes Fandom's Terms of Use into consideration.

An example of these guidelines includes:

Be bold! Don't be shy! Just start editing by hitting the edit button!.

Be open-minded and assume good faith.

Be nice, not a Manoir.

If you need help, just ask!

Don't troll and vandalize the wiki.

No Piracy! We don't condone piracy on this wiki.

Cursing is prohibited on this wiki, but one exception is the dedicated channel on Angela Anaconda Discord server.

But most importantly, have fun!

In addition, we have established some specific guidelines, but possibly are subjected to change.

Manual of Style

See Angela Anaconda Wiki: Manual Of Style

Referencing other sources

It's acceptable to use other sources such as Wikipedia and Other wikis. But it's NOT acceptable to plagiarize (Literally copying pages of text) from other articles and thus must be rewritten for the wiki. It is always necessary to reference other sources.

What this wiki isn't

...a review website

  • Although this is a site about a tv show, it is not a review site, but an Encyclopedia about information about the show.

...a promotion site

  • The Wiki is not a form of advertisement, but an encyclopedia, not social media or file-sharing site. Anything that relates to that topic unless from official sources will be removed.


  • This wiki is 100% maintained by fans. All the users and editors here are just fans. No one here (barring the rare) are workers/employees for any of the franchise developers, publishers, or their subsidiaries or affiliated companies.


  • Although the software of both sites are the same and everyone with an account can edit. The wiki is NOT Wikipedia. This wiki is also not owned by the Wikimedia Foundation. Fandom is the one with ownership of this site.


Sock-puppetry is an act where a person is creating one or more alt accounts to confuse, deceive people, and to disrupt the wiki. Those accounts are also known as sock-puppets and are therefore not allowed on this wiki, not even on Fandom.

Why would they do that?:

  • Ban-evasion - If a user made a new account to evade a ban or a Discord server ban. Sock-puppets will be terminated and the main account ban would be extended or be terminated altogether. It also can happen to use a VPN, to switch IP's to evade a ban
  • Rigging - The creation of an alt, to rig votes is prohibited and can result, the alt to be terminated and the main account receiving a ban.
  • Bypassing policies - All violations apply to the editor, not just the account. All punishments for any offense with a sock-puppet would be applied to the main account. Also getting the Sock-puppet account terminated.

Regardless of the circumstances, the rule of thumb here is one editor having one account. But users may also request accounts for bots to maintain the wiki more easily. If you wish to move to another account, inform the admins to block the old account, to be sure they aren't suspecting you of being a sock-puppet

Fan-made pictures/fiction

The wiki's articles in the mainspace only strictly deal with information and pictures from official sources (information in AT LEAST ONCE in official or licensed media). As such, any information from non-officially supported information or content (fan content) are only used when they follow these rules

  • Fan content may be used, but must only be confined to pages of a userspace. Other pages will be deleted. When making fanfiction, original character (OC), or any other fan article, you should place it in your own user page or the subpage of your own userspace. You can create a subpage by creating a page as normal at User:Username/CharacterName. For example, if User:Max Sparklemelon created an OC named, "Gordon Ramsay" it would be included in User:Max Sparklemelon/Gordon Ramsay.
  • Please create your own fan pages in your userspace (to signify your ownership of the page) Do NOT publish fan-made work in someone else's userspace. Any fan pages found on not-existent users will be deleted on sight.
  • Fan character pages may not have any canon categories, which includes Category:Characters or any of its subcategories (such as Category:Female Characters). You may categorize your fanon articles in Category:Userspace instead, or its subcategories.
  • You may post fanart that you have created, but it must NOT appear in the mainspace and canon articles. In particular, do NOT add fanart of your character on that article. it will be swiftly removed on sight.
  • Fan pictures MUST be categorized in Category:User images and no other categories.
  • It is also NOT allowed to redirect fan pages from mainspace articles.

3 Reverse Card Rule

This rule refers to that an editor must not perform more than three reverts on a single page per twenty-four (24) hours, no matter if it involves the same material. An edit or a series of consecutive edits that undoes other editors' actions—whether in whole or in little parts—counts as a revert. Reverting clear vandalism is an exception and thus will not be counted as a revert.

During edit wars, when a page is reverted more than three times by the same user, editing must stop and needs to be reported to staff members.

Ban Policy

See Angela Anaconda Wiki: Ban Policy

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