Angela Who?
Season 1, Episode 15a
Air date October 22, 1999
Written by Barbara Calamari
Directed by Kyle Menzies
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Angela's brothers convince Angela that she isn't a real member of the Anaconda family, because she can do what other family members can't do, or she doesn't like food every other family member's likes.

Because of that evidence Angela believes in the words of her brothers and looks for families to which she might belong to.

At the end Angela ends up in Abatti's Pizza with her best Gina Lash, when Nanette comes into the shop and orders a pizza.

Angela realizes that she and Nanette Manoir have much in common so she starts to think that she's a real Manoir.

At first, she thinks that a life as a rich Manoir would be great but then thinks about that she'd have to be mean to all of her friends and would have to have ridiculous hairstyles.

After thinking about that she decides to rather be an unreal Anaconda than a real Manoir.

In the last scene you can see that Angela's family picks her up with their car and eats ice cream with Angela.

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