CiCi LeCreme is a One-Shot Character and (presumably rich) Parisenne foreign exchange student who lives with the Anacondas for a short while in the episode "French Connection". Her visit was originally intended to be for a month. Cici looks much like Nanette, but with a short, brunette French bob, a fancier-looking beret, and a French traveling dress. Angela tried (unsuccessfully) to get Cici to uncover Nanette's fake French heritage by having Cici talk to Nanette in French, especially complicated sentence structures, and was frustrated when Cici and Nanette became friends instead. Angela was even more horrified when Cici asked Angela to invite Nanette, January and Karlene to a sleepover. The group destroyed Angela's room while Nanette complained about fleas in the Anacondas' house (her earlier excuse for Cici not moving in with the Manoirs is their mansion being fumigated for fleas). Nanette revealed that she too had a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands (an Angela lookalike wearing stereotypical Dutch clothing for girls) who clearly did not fit in with the Manoirs' lavish lifestyle. The two students switched residences, much to the happiness of both families. Cici later makes a brief appearance in the episode "The Haunting of Angela Anaconda" where Josephine Praline explains to her and Candy May how scary Angela's Halloween-themed garage is, and in Angela's dream sequence in "The Girl With All the Answers" (though Cici's face is not seen we only see her from the back). In the episode "In a Pepper Pickle" as Angela approaches a tree to scratch her pepper-filled nose, Nanette can he heard saying, "Est-ce que ta maison est grande?," ("Is your home big?" in French) in Cici's voice/accent, suggesting that they are both performed by the same voice actress Ruby Smith-Merovitz.

Her family's presumed vast wealth comes from the fact that Cici's pajamas, while exact in style to Nanette's, are a dark blue instead of pink.


  • Her name is a pun on the french word: crème de la crème which means: the best.
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