Coach Rhinehart.

The very macho father of Gordy Rhinehart, Coach Rhinehart, is a big sports enthusiast, ex-Army officer and coach and PE teacher of Tapwater Springs Elementary School. He has a real soft spot for his artistic and sensitive son Gordy, and at first only cared about him until Operation: Ringside, where he becomes friends with Gordy's friends and invites them to have lunch together at Abatti's Pizza (he originally didn't want his son to go there anymore because he has a negative relationship with Nicholas Abatti; when Mr. Rhinehart invited the kids over for lunch there, he most likely made amend with Nicholas and formed a friendship since). Coach Rhinehart secretly coached a professional wrestler to earn enough money to send Gordy to figure skating camp the next summer. He befriends his son's close friends during this time. Despite the obvious difference between himself and his son, it is clear they love each other and accept their differences. His wife is not shown implying he's a widower, is divorced, or is living apart from his wife for a while. He's also the Nature Survival Counselor for Tapwater Elementary. He is the second of the Tapwater teachers to know Nanette Manoir's true colors. His first name has never been revealed canonically.

He speaks with a stereotypical coach/drill sergeant voice (despite his stereotypical strict attitude as a result of this, he is shown to have a paternal side). He is usually shown dressed in a bright orange tracksuit, the common clothing worn by PE teachers in modern media.


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