Ephegenia Brinks is the secondary antagonist of the series, Angela Anaconda.


Mrs. Brinks is an eccentric middle-aged woman who is a dedicated third-grade teacher with a rather masculine voice (rather, sounding more like a man imitating a woman), large manly hands and her body hair, a slimy nose and very disgusting habits such as: eating too loudly, very loud slurping and while eating and drinking she makes very unpleasant sounds. She wears a huge grey beehive wig that hides her orange bald cut, and she dresses in a long-skirted schoolmarm dress, hiding her old figure.


Although she’s not a bad teacher, she’s easily manipulated and plays favorites, her decisions always favoring Nanette, whom she sees as the perfect little girl, although there have been moments when Nanette has gotten in trouble with her. Unfortunately, Mrs. Brinks is biased against Angela and is very strict and callous with her (making her the second least favorite character on the show), though in the episode "Jiggly Fruit Classic" she and Angela overcome their differences in order to get old Jiggly Fruit back. Mrs. Brinks likes to believe she's sophisticated and is easily manipulated. She thinks Angela is a bizarre, troublemaking and wayward girl, and constantly punishes her for nothing by making her clap the chalkboard erasers (something Angela has since become very good at) among other punishments. However, Mrs. Brinks made Angela the top of her class when she believes Angela's poem about her dog is about her [Brinks] in the episode "You're So Vain". She and her frail, generous, and long-suffering husband, Conrad Brinks are rumored to be weekend nudists. Angela and her gang often peer into the Brinks' backyard from Angela's treehouse to find out if this rumor is true, though the show only shows Angela and her friend's reactions to what they see (later, the rumor is confirmed when Angela tricks Nanette into going in to the backyard). In "Brinks of No Return", Mr. Brinks reveals that he and Mrs. Brinks used to have a very loving relationship before Nanette came into her life. In the episode "Earhart's Heirloom" she claims to have the compass of Amelia Earhart and promises to show it to the class but only if they behave for 30 days running (it is later revealed that the compass was made in Taiwan in 1995 and it was all a scam to get the class to behave). It is revealed in the episode "The Bird Lady of Tapwater Springs" that she has an artificial hip that prevented her from dancing. In the episode "The Great Granny Grudge", it is revealed that her husband Conrad Brinks used to go out with Johnny and Angela's grandmothers.


  • Abuse of authority: Brinks mostly punishes Angela for no valid reason other than Nanette complaining about her and to have power.
  • Fraud: She promised that she will show Earhart's Compass if the whole class behaves for 30 days at the end Gina Lash found out that this was just a scam and possibly lies to the school board about their grades.



  • Mrs. Brinks is voiced by Richard Binsley.
  • She took her class to the space museum in the episode 'Rat Heroes'.
  • She blatantly favors Nanette Manoir, implicitly because Nanette is the daughter of a rich family, and so almost always takes her side against Angela's and in the episode: Brinks Of No Return it's confirmed and it is also explained why she also became evil in the first place, Conrad Brinks explained that she was much nicer back in the day until she met Nanette Manoir but in the episode: All My Students it seems she was always mean this could be also a continuity error.
  • She is the most hated person in Tapwater Springs.
  • It's possible that she's transgender because of her masculine traits.
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