Good Seats
Season 2, Episode 19b
Air date January 15, 2001
Written by Holly Huckins, Micheal Kramer, Laura McCreary and Kent Redeker
Directed by Aaron Linton
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Good Seats is an episode of Season 2 of Angela Anaconda that aired on January 15, 2001. The last scenes was repurposed from the infamous Digimon Movie Short.

Plot Edit

It begins with Angela and her friends at Abatti's Pizza. Angela attempts to trade her card and even something ridiculous as a fork for Kid Colossus. But Johnny Refuses because it is a Silver Hollow Card that's apparently rare. Also, Nonna comes ranting about that they occupy a table for paying customers Angela says that they can't order something because they are saving up movie tickets for Interstellar Mega Giants vs. Mechanataur. Uncle Nicky comes by and shoves Gordy out of the way and also trying to trade with Johnny but that also fails his last resort is to tell there is a contest where they can win free tickets to the Mega Giants on the radio by listening to the theme song and sing it while calling the radio station. They decide to enter the contest and all split up to listen to the radio and Angela checks every time to make sure they aren't distracted from the contest. Angela listens at night but unfortunately, she falls asleep just as the theme song is playing. The next day everyone is shocked that Nanette won the tickets by calling the radio station but instead to change the frequencies because the frequencies were blocking the french cabaret station. So Team Angela buys their tickets and are waiting in line for the best seats. Angela yells at Johnny to shut up about the time. This is where the plot is different from the two versions.

Normal Version Edit

Angela asks Johnny what time it is which Johnny replies with " Oh so now you wanna know!" Angela responds with her grabbing Johnny's arm forcefully and now knows its time for the premiere. But Angela surprised that they aren't at the end of the line. Nanette shows that she did not just win the tickets but VIP passes for the movie so they don't have to be at the end of the line. Angela explains because Nanette now has an advantage, they need to take things into their own hands. By storming into the theater and be faster than Nanette. Josephine and Bob are bumping into each other and their concessions fall on the floor in which Angela is slipping on and is getting thrown into the trashcan. She jumps out of the trashcan and running into the theater. Jimmy is about to get the best seats but Angela luckily jumps in time on the seats and is trying to get them reserved for her friends.

Digimon Movie Version Edit

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