Ice Breakers is an episode of Season 1.


Angela and her friends join a beginner's ice skating class only to find that not only has Nanette joined as well, but she already knows how to skate; and her show-off moves cause Angela to fall and break her arm.


Angela, Gordy, Gina and Johnny are taught how to skate by Mr. Brinks.

They are all happy and have fun until Nanette shows up.

She waits for Alfredo to sweep the snow out of her way, because her fancy, expensive ermelin-fur boots must not touch snow.

Mr. Brinks watches her and praises her for her ice-skating skills.

Nanette takes Johnny and spins him around, while Gordy learns how to glide, but Nanette's showing-off skills cause Angela to accidentally fall and break her arm. When Nanette shows off again by signing her cast in a fancy way, Angela imagines Nanette skating with Gordy, then she comes in and melts the ice Nanette is on and she falls into the water below, which is infested by piranhas. Nanette freezes and is put onto an igloo. Then Johnny treats the frozen Nanette as a hockey puck.

When Angela wakes up the next morning, she and her friends shovel snow for the neighborhood.  Then Nanette comes by and purposefully dumps snow on them via Alfredo's snowblower. 

The kids decide to dump snow into Nanette's shoes, which gets more snow dumped on them accidentally by Alfredo. 

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