Johnny Abatti is a sweet but dim child of Italian-American descent. His parents are never seen in the show, and he appears to be under the care of his grandmother and his uncle, who often pressures Johnny into manhood (particularly in the episode "Johnny Learns to Swing"). Regarded as being good looking, Johnny takes pride in his pompadour hairstyle, and is the object of a few crushes. Nanette tries to flirt with him and refers to him as "John" even though nobody else does. Johnny is privileged enough to be invited to exclusive Manoir events, usually bringing Gina, Angela and Gordy along, often against their will. Despite this preferential treatment, Johnny remains totally stupid about Nanette’s affections, even though he doesn't seem to dislike her like Angela, Gordy and Gina do (even in the episode "Puppy Love" he even cries at the fact that Nanette's poodle was missing, though in the episode "Touched By an Angel-a" he is seen scowling at Nanette after Nanette insulted Gina about her weight and in the episode "Snow Mercy" after it is revealed that Nanette was the one who ruined Gina's first ever hot dog he turns against her and showers her, January and Karlene with snowballs). Although he won’t admit it, Johnny has strong feelings for Angela, as he becomes resentful of any rival for her affections. In one episode he sends Angela flowers but forgets to sign the card, and the credit for his gift goes to Angela's imaginary boyfriend Bob. Johnny likes to pick his nose and shoot spitballs (as he proudly reveals in the episode "Goodbye Mrs Brinks"). He‘s seen controlling the spotlight in the title sequence.

In the Halloween special The Haunting of Angela Anaconda, he dressed up as a ghost.

In the episode The Bird Lady of Tapwater Springs, it’s revealed that he has bad eyesight which, known because of his appearance, is not bad enough for glasses unlike Gordy Rhinehart.


Johnny wears a red polo shirt.


  • Johnny is voiced by Ali Mukaddam.
  • It’s likely that the reason his parents are never seen in the show is because are traveling often.


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