1. REDIRECT Template:CharactersA devout Catholic, Josephine Praline acts as a moral rudder for her classmates. She’s sweet, loving and forgiving, but stern when she sees injustice or immorality. Josephine often refers to others as "my child". She set up a confessional in the girls' washroom, where her friends come to talk to her about their stresses and worries. She is well-liked by her classmates, but like with Angela, Mrs. Brinks cares very little about her, an example being when she put her in after-school detention for refusing to write a report debating evolution vs. creationism; at one point Brinks snatches a $200 check from Josephine's hands when she revealed that she "cheated" during a charity bike race (she didn't actually cheat, Mrs. Brinks failed to see the context of Josephine's statement; She claimed to have been aided by St. Christopher). Josephine urges Angela to see the good in Nanette instead of hating her (as seen in the episode "Touched By an Angel-a"), but is surprised when she [Josephine] can't find any good qualities herself yet. Josephine frequently delivers praise and sometimes glows with a heavenly, serene light. She'd rather be in a Catholic school, but makes the best of her public school experience. Josephine comes from a large family (at least 10 brothers and sisters). In the episode "Cabin Fever" it is revealed that her mother has agoraphobia. Angela pretended that she had agoraphobia in order to skip school and then avoid clapping the blackboard erasers, though Mark and Derek brought a "get well package" home with them which was the erasers. She usually dresses in a Catholic school's school uniform.


  • As revealed in "The Haunting of Angela Anaconda", she's against the observance of Halloween because she thinks that will become a sinner.
  • She is lactose intolerant.
  • Her last name is a pun on the sweet praline.
  • She collects insects, as revealed in the episode A Bug Responsibility.
  • Her presence is marked by organ music.
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