A list of Angela Anaconda episodes & specials.

Season 1Edit

  • Pet Peeves/Rat Heroes
  • Ice Breakers/You're So Vain
  • The Substitute/Model Behaviour
  • Touched By an Angel-a/Puppy Love
  • Saving Private Gordy/Who's Sari Now?
  • Fairweather Friends/Turtle Confessions
  • Cloak and Dagger/The Dog Ate It
  • Hot Bob and Chocolate/Pizza Wars
  • Stuck on You/Hard to Swallow
  • Gone Fishing/100 Yard Lash
  • My Fair Lulu/Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Bathroom Blues/Garbage Swingers
  • Mapperson's Daughter/Big Ho-Down
  • Rough Times Tables/Works of Art
  • Angela Who?/Rockabye Abatti
  • Green with Envy?/Two Can Play
  • Dirty Work/Cut to the Chase
  • Super Mom/Skipping Lessons
  • View to a Brinks/Injury to Insult
  • The Martyrdom of Saint Nanette/The Crossing
  • Labor Pains/Cyrano d'Angela
  • Crazed and Confused/Strange Bedfellows
  • Everybody Loves Gina/Halls of Justice
  • Cabin Fever/Don't Over-Due It
  • Kar-Lean on Me/Slice of Life
  • The Nanette Lock/Gordy Floats

Season 2Edit

  • Vicious Cycle/To Catch a Thief
  • French Connection/The List
  • A Bug Responsibility/Pogo-A-Go-Go
  • Snow Mercy/Be-Trayed
  • Earhart's Heirloom/Ancient Greeks
  • Brinks of No Return/Operation Ringside
  • Eating with the Enemy/Brocc-Fest
  • All for One/Uncle Nicky's Midlife Crisis
  • Oh the Humanatees/In a Pepper Pickle
  • Boo-Who?/The Haunting Of Angela Anaconda
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Weasel/Curse of the Mummy
  • No Thanksgiving/Family Tree
  • Goodbye Mrs Brinks/The Bird Lady of Tapwater Springs
  • Secret Santa/Hooray for Chanukah
  • Return to Sender/I Wanna Mold Your Band
  • Don't be Caddie/The Pup Who Would Be King
  • Cheese Under Pressure/Troop or Consequences
  • The Great Granny Grudge/News at Eleven
  • The Girl with All the Answers/Good Seats
  • Abra-Abatti/Stupid Cupid
  • Gordy in a Plastic Bubble/Camp Anaconda
  • Sound of Silence/Johnny Learns to Swing
  • Firm-A-Foam/For the Love of the Game
  • Jiggly Fruit Classic/Race Car Race
  • Surf's Up/Dog Gone It
  • Childhood for Sale/The Best Is Yeti to Come

Season 3Edit

  • Canine to Five/Yellow Book Road
  • Jimmy Jamal, Super Beetle/I'm with Stupid
  • Saturday Night Gordy/Derek's Better Half
  • There Goes the Neighborhood/Open All Night
  • Pranks for the Memories/Space Camp
  • The Curse of Baby Lulu/Funny Photos
  • Nonna's Lib/All My Students
  • Snow Day/The Puck Stops Here
  • Diving Miss Angela/Window Pain
  • Part Time Jerks/Out on a Limb
  • Enter the Angela/If the Shoe Fits
  • Dr. Ducksworthy/Speak No Evil
  • The Non-Non Fight/Driving Me Crazy


Kablam shortsEdit

  • Chew on This
  • First Flush of Love

Digimon: the Movie SpecialEdit

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