Nanette Manoir is the main antagonist of the series. She is the teacher's pet despite being an average student. She speaks with a snobbish American valley girl accent, but occasionally laces it with the cadence of a French one when she speaks.


Her hair is golden blonde and styled into long Victorian-style ringlet curls in emulation of her mother's look (though it’s strongly suggested in the episode "Gordy in a Plastic Bubble" that she dyed her hair blonde after Gina Lash looks at a strand of her hair under a microscope and sees that the roots of her hair are naturally brunette like her father's hair).


The perfect little angel to most adults (including her indulging parents Howell and Bunny), Nanette is a devious, cunning, arrogant, snobbish, and mean, exercising the worst of her traits on Angela and her friends, though she has shown the capability to be a very sweet person. The only known instance of this is in the episode "Secret Santa", where Nanette gets Angela an imported French cashmere scarf. This former personality, though, likely is the fault of her doting parents (who are snobs themselves), who fail to see how horrible their daughter really acts at school and never punish her for things she does wrong because they are also horrible like her daughter. In "The Substitute", she, January and Karlene, unlike their classmates, are shown to not have a very good relationship with Geraldine Klump (Geri), as the woman constantly forgets Nanette's name, dislikes Nanette's snobbery and likes Angela. She‘s very proud of her looks, constantly bouncing her golden curly hair and she considers herself to be very beautiful, which may be true as her mom is very lovely. Her interests are a talented variety of activities such as baton twirling, ballet, painting, gymnastics, and ice skating. Typical of many rich characters (usually girls) in children's media (such as Veruca Salt, Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas, and Karin Kanzuki), Nanette uses her family's wealth and high status as a way of asserting her superiority over her classmates, especially and specifically Angela and her friends. Unlike most teacher's pets, who loves the teacher and want to study more, she solely uses Brinks for power in the classroom and her school life.


She’s manipulative and has Mrs. Brinks wrapped around her finger with constant praise and gifts, although Mrs. Brinks has had moments of anger with Nanette, such as the ending of the episode "Return to Sender" after learning the truth about being a pawn (and "being un-French and uncouth"), giving her detention when Angela read an insult that Nanette wrote about Mrs. Brinks ("the other horriblé thing at my school is my very un-French, uncouth teacher who luckily I am able to play like a viola, which is French for violin"), and in the episode "Earhart's Heirloom" where she accidentally called Mrs Brinks' birthday "nothing" and gets Mrs. Brinks mad.

Additionally, Coach Rhinehart (Gordy's father) has gotten angry with Nanette once as well; after finding out that she has been lazy the whole time she is appointed as Team Thistle's captain, he punishes her by making her carry every single one of the other kids' bags back to the school bus.

Because of her French first and last name, Nanette arrogantly believes that she’s full-blooded French - a belief shared only by her mother Bunny. She sprinkles her conversation with misapplied French phrases, explaining their meaning incorrectly; for example, she believes "liaison" (connection, binding) is French for "lesson", "crème brûlée" (singed cream) is French for "prove it", "pomme de terre" (potato) is French for "apple polisher", and "Crêpe Suzette" (Suzette pancake) is French for "overpriced pancake"; however, she uses correct French words and phrases in other instances. For example, in "Angela Who", she orders a large pizza "maintenant" (which is French for "now" or "right now"), and in "Puppy Love", she uses the French word "perdu", which means "lost". In "The Substitute", she uses a Japanese phrase, strongly implying that she may just be a girl that loves languages, or in other episodes, strongly revealed to be an aspiring Francophile. She also erroneously believes that Marie Antoinette was a natural-born French queen (she did rule France but she was actually from Austria). Nanette's mother speaks with a Southern American accent while her father has an accent similar to that of US president, John F. Kennedy, actually making her American (though perhaps her ancestors were immigrants to the United States from France, as suggested in the episode "Family Tree" where her great aunt was Beatrice Manoir, a US immigrant from France and was the cause of the Great Tapwater Springs fire of the early 1900s).

Nanette has a handful of fashion designer originals, but nearly always wears an "imported, one-of-a kind" French dress (as revealed in "Curse of the Mummy") to school; to complete the stereotypical "French" look, she wears a black beret with a red stripe in it. (In the episode "You're So Vain" she wears a stylish, flamboyant pink dress with a deep pink beret (also seen in "Puppy Love"); in the episode "Goodbye Mrs Brinks" she dresses as a punk rocker stereotype and even nicknames herself as "Bruiser", and she wears pink lace pajamas when she goes to sleep at night).

Like most popular girls in popular culture, such as Karin Kanzuki and Elisabeth Delmas, Nanette is a pet owner. She owns a poodle named Ooh La La, who’s a male, and her dog had a relationship with Angela's dog King in the episode "Puppy Love". She has a personal butler named Alfredo, who provides for her (and has been her caregiver and guardian ever since she was a baby as seen in "Touched by an Angel-a") but doesn't care much about her family. She also won the heart of a young Indian prince in the episode "Who's Sari Now", the force of the wind blowing her hair (making her look a lot like Medusa) ruins it to the point that the prince is disgusted by her. Despite being nasty, Nanette does hold many talents, such as spending the entire episode "Don't Overdue It" balancing a book on her head (and staining it with hair gel) and writing a "three act Greek tragedy" in the episode "Ancient Greeks" and casting all of her classmates in "the lesser roles" such as Jimmy Jamal as Zeus, Johnny Abatti as an eagle, Gina Lash as Dionysus, Gordy Rhinehart as Hercules (who Angela hoped to play as), and Angela with a multitude of roles because she was disgusted by Angela's acting performance. In the episode "I Wanna Mould Your Band" she, January and Karlene appear to be singing the song "Everybody Wants to be a French Girl" very well, though it was later revealed that they were "lip-syncing" their own song using a speaker concealed inside Nanette's beehive wig (which was extremely heavy because of it), which causes Nanette and her posse to be disqualified from a Tastee Twirl talent contest.

In the episode French Connection, Nanette becomes friends with Cici LeCreme, a foreign exchange student from France who strongly resembles her. During the day that Cici and Angela were host sisters, Cici and Nanette became very good friends.

Nanette always wins the Student of the Week gold star and once threw one away, much to Ephegenia Brinks' shock and ire. Angela Anaconda and Gina Lash then high-fived each other.



  • Nanette is voiced by Ruby Smith-Merovitz, who also voiced Cici LeCreme.
  • The books Nanette uses for correcting her posture tend to get hair gel stains. Miss Yamagotchi bans her from borrowing books because of not just that, but also due to lying to her about Angela stealing a book that Angela actually bought from a book sale a few years before.
  • Nanette, despite being from North America (assuming that the show takes place in Canada and the United States), puts a full-blown stereotypical Parisian act. However, this is averted with Cici LeCreme, the French exchange student, who’s much friendlier and isn't quite a jerk as Nanette usually is. Nanette also at least has French ancestry, in the form of her great-aunt Beatrice Manoir and (presumably) the paternal side of her family.
  • Despite peppering her speech with various French words/phrases, anyone with even just the most rudimentary knowledge of French would be able to tell that Nanette clearly doesn't understand French as well as she thinks she does. This is lampshaded on the show itself when an actual French exchange student (who can speak French naturally) visits and very nearly exposes this secret. It's lampshaded all the time by Angela herself, who is constantly berating Nanette for how 'un-French' she is. Among other things, Nanette tends to add misapplied French words when she speaks, explaining their meaning incorrectly, For example, Nanette claims that the word 'viola' is French for 'violin', when in fact they're two different instruments - the actual French word for violin being 'violon'.
  • Nanette, despite her act, actually has a French ancestor, Beatrice Manoir. She was an immigrant to the United States who lived in Tapwater Springs during 1901.
  • Nanette is a bit similar to Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory. Both are rude and arrogant, both rival the main character and both have a crush on a dimwit.

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