In the first episode of Angela Anaconda, "Pet Peeves" Angela's class plans an excursion.

Mrs. Brinks asks for suggestions where they should go and Nanette suggests the "Ballet Russe" and a documentary about dance shoes.

Angela tells Johnny Abatti to suggest to go to a monster truck rally.

Because there are more boys in the class this year and Angela asked Gordy Rhinehart and Gina Lash to vote for the Truck Rally, there is exact one more for Angelas idea.

Nanette can convince Mrs. Brinks that she should vote to because she comes with them.

Because the number of votes is now equal, Mrs. Brinks makes the decision that it is choosen where they go by the group that collects more money for the school.

At the end, Angela looses 11.37$ : 373.37$.

At the end of the episode Angela is seen going to Meppersons Bakery with Gina and Johnny.

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