The episode "Rat Heroes" is about Angela's class doing a trip to an observatory and meeting a real astronaut.

Angela is really excited about it because her dad gave her a real meteorite.

He told her he found it when he was a kid and was camping with his dad in Utah in 1959.

When Angela arrives in front of the school Nanette, January and Karlene make fun of the meteorite.

On the stairs up to the observatory, Mrs. Brinks explains the rules of the observatory, which causes Angela and Gina to laugh because the make jokes about Nanette.

In the museum they see a rat which already was on the moon.

After the museum guide's worktime ends, she throws the rat into Mrs. Brinks' hands, which causes her to panic.

Mrs. Brinks throws the rat into the group of students, who start to panic too.

Every student except of Angela, Gina and Johnny run away from the rat.

Suddenly astronout Bob arrives and talks about how it was like to be on the moon.

Angela sees that he is carrying the same stone as she is.

When she walks up to him to show him the stone to ask him if it was real, when she trips because of Nanette and her stone falls onto a model of the moon.

She tries to get it back and climbs over the fence, when the alarm goes off and Angela is sent to the bus by Mrs. Brinks.

On her way to the bus she spots an anti gravity chamber and goes into it.

Suddenly Mrs. Brinks and the others walk in and Mrs. Brinks' wig and Nanettes hat are flying away.

Astronout Bob turns on the gravity and Angela falls onto Mrs. Brinks.

Angela and Mrs. Brinks are unconscious but when they wake up Mrs.Brinks can't remember what happened.

Right when Nanette wants to tell what happened astronout Bob walks up and presents his Overall to everyone.

He gives Angela her meteorite and confirms that it is a real stone from the moon.

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