Nicolas "Uncle Nicky" Abatti is the uncle of Johnny Abatti, the son of Nona Abatti and the brother of Rita Abatti. He is an Italian-American Greaser, sporting a pompadour with sideburns and aviator sunglasses and is usually escorded by two unnamed women. He tends to constantly get himself in trouble. (in S01E03, he's briefly being chased by a cop car.) He tends to get Angela's gang in trouble by letting them do things they shouldn't. (Examples being riding in a garbage truck, gambling, ding dong ditching, ect.) but he does act as an okay caretaker for the group.


  • Uncle Nicky owns a doll called Sgt. Pete. (The photo used for its head is a 1968 ken doll.)
  • In the episode "All My Students" he claims that Mrs. Brinks flunked him three times and thus he has an grudge against her.
  • He talks in his sleep.
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