In the episode "You're So Vain!", Angelas class is instructed to write poems about their role models.

Angela doesn't know who to write about when her dog King comes to her mind.

Angela thinks that King can do whatever she wants and chooses her as her role model.

When Angela reads out her poem in class, Mrs. Brinks accidentally thinks that Angela wrote about her.

Angela is afraid of telling Mrs. Brinks that the poem isn't about her, when Johhny tells Nanette the truth about Angelas poem.

Of course Nanette instantly tells Mrs. Brinks about it, who is visibly disappointed that Angela didn't write about her and Angela has to clean the sponges.

At the end she's full of chalk when Nanette comes over and tells her to stop.

She says that Mrs. Brinks wants her to come in again.

Angela tells Nanette to go in first and then makes a handprint of chalk on Nanettes red dress.

They both walk in and this is where the episode ends.

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